Illicit Networks Workshop
11-12 December 2017 – Flinders University, Adelaide

The Illicit Networks Workshop initiative is a group of scholars and analysts from across the world that shares a network perspective in furthering the understanding of the activities of individuals, groups, and organisations engaged in co-offending, organised crime, gangs, transnational crime, financial crime, terrorism, corruption issues, and cybercrime. While some members draw heavily on social network analysis, others rely on other methods (e.g., ethnography) for studying illicit networks.

Policing Flows Workshop
13-14 December 2017 – Flinders University, Adelaide
The focus of the Policing Flows Workshop includes policing and security research that examine how flows of people, information and goods have influenced policing and/or how policing intervenes with and shapes those flows. A specific interest of this policing network lies in the use of new technologies to police flows, new threats that form flows, new challenges to human rights due to the policing of flows, and challenges to organisational structures.